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Updates: DigitizationLab and WebPlotDigitizer

September 2, 2014

This is just a small update on the status of DigitizationLab and the on going development of WebPlotDigitizer. I had taken a break of almost two months and have recently resumed the development of both the projects.

DigitizationLab is intended to be a desktop version of the WebPlotDigitizer program with added abilities to save and re-use calibration, masks, data etc. The desktop based implementation may also be better suited for automated tasks such as extraction of plots from documents, auto-detection of axes etc. I have made some progress on this, but there is still a lot more that has to be done. I am making the repository private for now and as it may not end up being a completely opensource software. Here is a screenshot of DigitizationLab running on Mac OS:

As for WebPlotDigitizer, I have collected a number of small enchancement requests and identified a few places where improvements are needed. I will be making these changes sometime this month.

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